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P-1 Visa

What is a P-1 Visa?

The P-1 visa is a non-immigrant visa without quota restrictions, issued to internationally recognized athletes or sports teams, performing groups, and famous circuses. It is available for individuals and groups in sports, performing arts, and cultural exchanges who meet the requirements to travel to the U.S.


Who Can Apply for a P-1 Visa?

The following three categories of individuals can apply for a P-1 visa:

  1. Internationally renowned athletes or sports teams.

  2. Internationally recognized performing groups.

  3. Famous circuses.

P-1 Visa Processing Time?

The processing time for a P-1 visa ranges from 3 to 6 months, starting from the date USCIS receives the case. Additionally, since the P-1 visa is eligible for expedited processing, applicants can receive a decision from USCIS within 15 days if needed.


What Rights Do I Have as a P-1 Visa Holder?

As a P-1 visa holder, you have the following rights:

  • Participate in sports competitions, seasons, tournaments, tours, exhibitions, programs, entertainment events, or engagements in the U.S., which may include short vacations, promotional appearances tied to athletic events or performances, incidental stops, and/or stays related to the event.

  • Receive remuneration.

  • Engage in part-time study.

  • Work for multiple employers, but each employer must file a separate petition.

  • Renew the P-1 visa.

  • Change visa status.

  • Pursue immigration procedures under the appropriate immigrant category.

  • Bring family members to the U.S.

What Are the Fees for Applying for a P-1 Visa? (subject to change)

  • Application Fee: $190

  • Premium Processing Fee: $1,410 (if applicable)

  • Translation Fee: Approximately $500-$800

What Services Does AllBelief Law Firm Provide?

  • We provide a comprehensive and clear list of materials required for the P-1 visa, ensuring you understand all necessary documents.

  • We help collect and organize your application materials.

  • We answer all questions related to your application clearly.

  • We categorize and organize materials that need translation.

  • We assist in filling out and submitting all forms required for the P-1 visa.

  • We provide training for the visa interview to help you answer the consular officer's questions confidently.

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