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Intellectual Property

We offer a range of intellectual property legal advisory and services, encompassing U.S. patents, trademarks, copyrights, anti-unfair competition measures, and ITC Section 337 investigations.



Our legal team focuses on providing comprehensive U.S. copyright law services. We represent clients in submitting copyright registration applications to the U.S. Copyright Office and register with U.S. Customs for international copyright protection. Our services also include in-depth investigations into copyright ownership and status, helping clients verify copyright holder identity and maintain validity. Additionally, we offer professional consultations on copyright protection, assisting clients in understanding and exercising their rights.


In copyright disputes, we bring extensive litigation experience, representing various types of copyright-related cases. Our legal team is dedicated to providing strategic legal advice and robust courtroom representation to safeguard our clients' copyright interests. Our goal is to ensure that our clients' creative works and intellectual property are effectively protected in the complex field of copyright law.

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Our legal team specializes in handling Section 337 investigations by the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC), focusing on unfair trade practices and intellectual property rights infringements related to imported goods. We provide expert legal services and support for these complex international trade matters.


Our services for clients facing Section 337 investigations include case feasibility assessment, preparation and submission of legal documents, defense representation during ITC proceedings, and managing strategic aspects of the investigation. We aim to protect our clients from potential trade restrictions and exclusion orders, safeguarding their market position and commercial interests.

With deep legal expertise and a thorough understanding of ITC procedures, our team ensures comprehensive support at all stages, from preliminary investigations to court proceedings, to optimally protect our clients' rights in these critical matters.


Our legal team specializes in comprehensive U.S. patent application services, including preliminary assessments, patent searches, and drafting documents for U.S. and PCT applications. We effectively communicate and defend our clients' interests with the USPTO during patent examinations and appeals. Our expertise spans multiple areas like software systems, cybersecurity, and mechanical devices.

In patent litigation, we offer services from infringement analysis to litigation strategy. Our experience covers complex patent cases, focusing on patent validity and infringement, and we provide robust support through all litigation stages. Our goal is to protect our clients' patent interests and minimize business impacts, ensuring the best legal outcomes through either courtroom litigation or settlement negotiations.



Our legal services in U.S. trademark applications encompass feasibility analysis, searches, preparation and submission of application documents, and communication with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Our team provides expert advice throughout the trademark application process, ensuring effective registration and protection of our clients' brand identity and commercial interests.


In cases of unfair competition and trademark infringement, we offer comprehensive litigation services, including evidence collection, infringement analysis, courtroom defense, settlement negotiations, and appeals. Our experienced team effectively protects our clients' rights under trademark law, ensuring a competitive edge in the market.

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