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Kiana Chen

Office Director, Legal Assistant

Ms. Kiana Chen is a seasoned customer service professional with a decade of expertise in immigration consulting. A graduate of Beijing International Studies University, she offers specialized services in non-immigrant and family immigration/marriage visas across Mainland China. Additionally, she is adept at managing legal paperwork for exceptional talent (EB-1A) and national interest waivers (EB-2 NIW).

In customer service, Ms. Chen excels at establishing and maintaining client relationships and satisfaction, being able to accurately interpret client needs and provide them with customized service. In office management, she possesses excellent organizational abilities and knowledge of efficient office operations, ensuring the smooth running of legal services on a daily basis. In the area of market development, Ms. Chen is capable of identifying and tapping into new client groups, promoting business expansion and growth of the client base through market research and analysis.

Furthermore, Ms. Chen has made significant contributions to internal training, enhancing the overall service capacity and efficiency of the team by sharing professional knowledge and best practices. In legal documentation, she is not only skilled in drafting techniques but also ensures that all documents comply with the latest legal regulations and standards.


  • English

  • Mandarin 

  • Japanese


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