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Third Preference EB-3

What is EB-3 Visa?

EB-3 Visa allows skilled workers, professionals, and other workers to work in the United States, and to obtain permanent resident status (Green Card).


Who may be qualified for EB-3 Visa?

  • Skilled Workers: persons whose job requires a minimum of 2 years of training or work experience, not a temporary or seasonal nature.

  • Professionals: persons whose job requires at least a U.S. baccalaureate degree or a foreign equivalent and are a member of the professions.

  • Other Workers: persons performing unskilled labor requiring less than 2 years of training or experience, not of a temporary or seasonal nature.


What are the advantages of applying for EB-3 Visa?

  • EB-3 requires is substantially lower than EB-1 and EB-2. EB-1 requires applicants to have extraordinary abilities, and EB-2 requires the applicants to have exceptional abilities. EB-3 visa application does not have the above requirements.

  • EB-3 Visa holder will be able to work, live and study in the United States.

  • EB-3 Visa holder will be able to freely travel within the U.S. or overseas.

  • EB-3 Visa holder’s spouse and unwedded minor children may be also admitted to the United States.


What is the EB-3 Visa Processing Time?

Generally, the USCIS will take 4.5 months to 14 months to process your application. This time range is how long it is taking USCIS to process your case from the date they received it. Nonetheless, because premium processing is available for EB-3 visa, the applicants can typically receive USCIS's decision on their cases within 15 days. Additionally, if the priority date for applicant’s country becomes current and the applicant may file the application for Adjustment to Permanent Resident Status along with the work permit application and travel permit application (When he/she is in the U.S.).


What are the application fees? (subject to change)

  • Form I-140 Filing Fees: $700

  • Form I-485 Adjustment of Status including Form I-131 Application for Travel Document and I-765 Application for Employment Authorization: $1,225 per person greater than 14 years old; $750 per person under 14 years old

  • Expert Opinion Letter: Approximate $600-$900

  • Academic Evaluation: Approximate $ 300-500

  • Translation: Approximate $500-$800

  • Medical Exam: Approximate $450-$800


Please note that there may also be some other fees that need to be paid by the sponsoring employer. i.e. advertisement, and recruitment, etc.


What is the Priority Date?

Generally speaking, EB-3 Visa applicants cannot file his/her Application for Adjustment of Status (if he/she lived in the U.S.) or Application for Consular Processing (if he/she lived outside the U.S.) until his/her priority date becomes current. For EB-3 Visa applicants, the priority date is the date an immigration petition is received by USCIS. The priority date is not established until USCIS approves the immigration petition.


What services will AllBelief Law Firm provide?

  • We will provide you with a completed document list for all of the documentation needed for EB-3 Petition.

  • We will help you prepare and organize the documentation.

  • We will provide clear answers to any questions you may have for your petition.

  • We will help you edit your current Resume.

  • We will help you sort out the documents need to be translated.

  • We will analyze your credentials and contributions in your field, prepare a legal argument, emphasize your expertise, and draft a Petition Letter.

  • We will complete and file Form I-140, and any other forms and services you purchased.

  • We will help you respond to USCIS questions and prepare you for your in-person interview with USCIS.

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